Bophut Map Bophut Map

Bophut stands out as the only village on Samui that exudes authentic island charm. It consists of a single street lined with traditional shop-houses, many of which have been converted into restaurants, sales shops and guesthouses. The distinct designs of the beachside dining sector, as well as the chosen cuisine that is available, have created an exceptional Mediterranean atmosphere. Bophut is expanding constantly, generating new wining and dining options every year. Despite its growth, the essential seaside appeal remains, making it one of the island’s most attractive locations. View Larger Map Source  Read More →

Map of Maenam Beach Map of Maenam Beach

Accommodation along the sedate beaches of Mae Nam range from cheap bungalows to top end resorts. The beach itself is a huge horseshoe of soft sand that offers a spectacular view of the neighbouring island of Koh Pangan. There are a number of good local restaurants and businesses along the beach, as well as located on the main ring road. Mae Nam is home to many of the island’s residential developments with a growing quantity of long-term visitors and expats, giving the area a strong sense of community. The hills behind Mae Nam provide the location for the island’s spectacular world-class golf resort.View Larger Map Source  Read More →

Big Buddha Beach Map Big Buddha Beach Map

If your stay is brief, Big Buddha offers convenience due to its close proximity to the airport, as well as to boats chartered for Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. The resorts on this beach range from top end boutique quarters to budget bungalows, most offering a relaxed beachside atmosphere that may make you wish to extend your stay. Prices for accommodation and provisions remain reasonable, and there are a growing number of fine dining options to compliment the local Thai restaurants and beach bungalow cuisine. Facilities and services are abundant along the main road, but the girlie bars are best avoided unless you are looking for part-time love.View Larger MapSource  Read More →

Map of Lamai Beach Map of Lamai Beach

Lamai has often been referred to as Samui’s second beach, but there are many who believe it has a greater beauty than that of Chaweng. The waters are excellent for swimming and the beaches and streets are less crowded. The southern end of the bay features elegant granite boulders while the beach itself seems endless. The nightlife in Lamai tends to be slightly seedier than in Chaweng, but it hosts some excellent restaurants and bars scattered along its strip. Accommodation options here range from high-class resorts to basic bungalows. The surrounding area notably hosts some of the islands best spas and health resorts available.View Larger MapSource  Read More →

Map of Chaweng Beach Map of Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach is the longest and most popular beach on Samui. It is also the largest tourist centre, boasting hundreds of hotels and bungalows that stretch out along its fine white sands, as well as inland. 5 Star luxury resorts share the space with more economical accommodation choices, along with a 5 kilometer street of stalls and shops that sell everything Thailand is famous for. Prices are a little higher here than in other areas of the island, but the range of choices in food, accommodation and entertainment is impressive, making this beach and its surroundings, the center of activity for many visitors. View Larger Map Source  Read More →

Hua Thanon Map Hua Thanon Map

The Muslim fishing village of Hua Thanon offers a handful of seafood restaurants, but its main attraction lies in the ancient cultures of the local fishermen. Intricately painted wooden boats are used to this day to catch and deliver fish directly to the local markets. The beach is a working environment and not very pleasant, but take a stroll through its market and capture a glimpse into the lives of one of the island’s original communities. Beyond Hua Thanon, the southern coast offers some of the most unspoiled natural scenery on Samui. You will find quaint local villages and coconut plantations that have endured the test of time. The pace of life here remains as it has been over the past 50 years, or more. View Larger Map Source  Read More →

Lipa Noi and Taling Ngam Map Lipa Noi and Taling Ngam Map

South of Nathon, Samui’s coast draws out into a series of bays which overlook the spectacular Angthong Marine Park, offering the most idyllic locations to watch the sun set into the sea. This coast retains excellent seafood restaurants scattered amongst the beachside bungalows and the decadent resorts, making Lipa Noi and Taling Ngam undoubtedly two of the most popular areas for dining and choice of accommodations. For some alternative enjoyment, rent a jeep and explore the many side roads and small bay areas that make this one of the islands most attractive coastlines. View Larger Map Source  Read More →

Nathon Map Nathon Map

This is the island’s main administrative centre. All government offices, banks, as well as the main ferry pier are located in Nathon, making it the most important place for communication with the Thai mainland. You will find shopping less expensive here, but also less varied than in Chaweng or Lamai. The ring road stretch that passes through the town of Nathon holds the majority of the shops available, and many restaurants and hotels reside close to the pier for those travelling to or from the nearby port of Donsak, near Suratthani. Nathon also boasts a number of original teak shop-houses, lining the quiet middle roads, showing the more traditional, Chinese influenced, Samui life. Any major local events, ceremonies or celebrations are held in the car park in front of the main pier in Nathon. A nightly food market establishes itself here regularly, giving visitors their first taste of the delights available on Samui. View Larger Map Source  Read More →

A full map of Koh Samui A full map of Koh Samui

Of the many dream islands that dot Thailand’s Southern region, Koh Samui ranks among the most seductive, with beaches that are some of the most scenic and unspoiled anywhere in the world. Recognized as a budget traveler’s paradise for over 20 years, the island – Thailand’s third largest – is now attracting more and more upmarket travelers. Definitely, a new breed of visitors are arriving, a reason why a number of first-class resort hotels have sprung up on the island. But Koh Samui is still a perfect destination for all kinds of tourists.The aura the backpackers lent the island is unlikely to be erased quickly by upmarket tourists. Besides, the 280 km² island has quite retained its unspoiled charm is even with its growing number of visitors. Sun and sea are still the foremost lure, but other exciting tourist attractions are now available. Buffalo fights, snake farms, butterfly gardens, traditional Thai massage, herbal saunas and meditation centers are becoming...