Health Spa – Bandara Spa – Samui

The invitation arrived, requesting our presence, personally signed by the General Manager, Mr. Steven Berger, and yet It was unlike any other that we had received. The common factors were all present, information on the resort, contact people and their numbers, and an appreciation for choosing Bandara as this month’s focus for Health and Spa. What came with this invitation made our eyes light up! We are always flaunting the fabulous facilities that are present on the island of Koh Samui, and they are incredible, each with their own strength, every one with a different approach to capturing a niche of the market. Even the smallest resort on this island displays a beauty that can only be experienced by spending at least a couple of nights basking in the pampering that they can provide.

To ensure your most pleasant time staying with us, I have arranged this tailored program for an exceptional Bandara experience at your leisure”, the attached letter began. It was completely unexpected! The Group Director of Public Relations, Khun Chutamart J. Thanabhkdee, (Aoi), had made it her per own personal objective to ensure that we were going to witness the complete package that they were providing for their guests. She did not wish that we came to review the facilities in a ‘quick in and out process’. Khun Aoi had flown in from Bangkok to meet with us, and facilitate our stay. A Deluxe Suite for 2 had been prepared for an evening of rest. We were then invited to attend a Cocktail Party where we would meet with the Resort G.M. Mr. Berger, Executive Chef Khun Saowakit Preeprern, (Kit), and Assistant Spa Manager Khun Songsri Arunchot, (Pom), as well as the opportunity to mingle with the current visiting guests. Our invite began on a Friday evening, where the Bandara hosts a regular Thai Theme Night featuring various types of Thai Cuisine, and entertainment of live Traditional Thai Music and Dance. Khun Aoi suggested that we put our notebooks away, turn our cameras off, leave our work for tomorrow, and to take the time to simply relax. “Enjoy yourselves! And if there is anything that you need, please let me know” were her parting words to us, leaving us to frolic in the peaceful atmosphere that exudes from the ambiance of Bandara. We watched as the Executive Staff greeted and served each, and every guest, inquiring about their stay, and addressing their guests by name, expressing a deep interest in their holiday. Shoulder and neck massages were administered during the Cocktail Party for any visitor, requiring a release of stress, before dining on the myriad of tables that lay harvest to a delightful assortment of food. The Resort boasts 2 restaurants, one on each end of the Bandara, so that you may view their lush green grounds and swimming pools that grace the centre courtyards, or gaze out across the Gulf of Siam onto the island of Koh Phangan, their own speedboat drifting in the waters awaiting to take visitors diving or touring. Traditional Thai Wish Balloons were offered to all guests to end the evening, carrying with them dreams to return one day soon, or to never have to abandon the Bandara oasis. There are 150 rooms at the Bandara, 28 of which are Bandara Villas, all designed with tropical splendor to provide priceless solitude. Each villa is landscaped to blend within its own lush garden. A personal 3X3 meters pool is also provided, allowing for unseen swimming with two sun beds, a dining area, and space for private Thai massage. Perhaps the most unique attribute of Bandara Villas is the extra large bathroom. Off of this bathroom is a glass patio door which opens to a unique Bandara secret garden, where an organic sunken bathtub and exotic rain-shower await your personal bliss – nature and luxury have never been so pleasurably combined. Following breakfast, (part of our itinerary), we were summoned to the Spa, where we were treated like royalty for a 3 hour special treatment, designed to relax and reduce our bodies from the stress of our daily lives. Bandara offered us the ensemble of pleasure, exactly what they design for every one of their guests, no matter how far they travel. From their dreamy pillows, to the exceptional personal care and attention that can only come from a company of staff who love their work, Bandara has left stars in our eyes!


Spa hours 10.00 AM -10.00 PM, reservations are recommended

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