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Epic journeys begin with a single footstep. Quite often, when we take this first step, the direction of the next is unknown to us. Sometimes, the experiences that come with the journey change who we are, and what direction we choose to follow. I stepped through the gates of Kamalaya with my wife one afternoon, and it changed everything. When scholars sit to record in the chronicles of history the events of fantastic adventures, they may take aeons in perfecting the text. As I sit in my villa on the mountainside Sanctuary of Kamalaya, I wonder how I will translate the experiences I have gathered here, without faltering due to timelines, and the reality of having to present this before we are all history ourselves. It would take a great poetic work, such as the Iliad or the Odyssey of Homer, to give the credit that is due to Kamalaya that it so rightfully deserves. I have read many reviews on this retreat, this oasis, this mountainside getaway resort that spills onto an idyllic tropical lagoon, and none I feel have effectively summed up what Kamalaya actually is. No one in my opinion has got it quite right. It does not surprise me, but to know this, you will have to make the journey yourself.

When I look around Kamalaya, there is a presence of spirit almost, a ghost of good will, a unity that brings together all that travel here. For some strange reason, I am not compelled to write about what Kamalaya encompasses on its many menus of health and rejuvenation. I do not have the urge to talk about the fantastic treatments and facilities that they tender. Instead, I am under the spell of telling you what it is that Kamalaya has made me feel. I know, it’s a kind of over-sentimental approach to revealing to you the features within this Holistic Spa and Wellness Sanctuary, that offers a unique concept of wellbeing and vibrant health, centred around a cave that once served as a place for meditation, and spiritual retreat for Buddhist monks. But that’s just it, isn’t it? That’s why we came here! Beyond the offerings of holistic medicines and complimentary therapies from Eastern and Western traditions, it is a haven where one is able to immediately relax and simply enjoy nature, complemented with art, healthy cuisine, and an unyielding community spirit. The colourful brochures, the spectacular scenery, the design details that are influenced by Himalayan art and architecture, the core service that Kamalaya provides that comes as second nature from the ensemble of staff you meet on their harmonious grounds, embody only the periphery of the essence of what it is that I ‘feel’ here. There is a 5-Star resort flavour underlying the Sanctuary, but the guests that wander through the gardens to stop and smell the flowers, and the day visitors that appear to participate in the activities, are not all dressed in Gucci, Armani, or Prada. Fisherman pants, and loose fitting apparel comfort them throughout their stay. After all, when you first check in they offer you the release to “Dress as you feel comfortable.” Kamalaya promotes a focus on wellness as a harmonious integration of body, mind, and spirit, not of codes and stiff regulations on attire, or appearances. If you have come here, you have come to heal, progress your mental state of mind, and unburden your body from the bindings of life. I feel that I have been allowed to become restored in a place where wellbeing and self-discovery naturally unfold. Where the beauty of this Wellness Sanctuary lies is not only in its gardens and beaches, within the comforts of our accommodations, nor solely in the inspired healthy cuisine we are offered. The facilities and retreats are unlike those found on Samui, and tailor to not only the experienced, but to the novice in search of self understanding of body and mind. There is a greater therapy that springs to life at Kamalaya, and it comes from the spirit of the place. Visitors stop to meet and greet each other, they share their experiences at the common table at dinner, they rejuvenate their whole being to include all of the entities that surround them. We have become ‘People’ again! Our stay extended over the course of 3 nights, and when we came out the other side, we felt as though a week had passed us by. The desire to remain here was almost overwhelming, and if it were not for the necessity of completing this article, we surely would have disappeared, requesting permanent sanctuary at Kamalaya. Life must go on, but that doesn’t mean that you should not, nor cannot, take a break from the pace that stirs us into the frenzy of what we call every day living. Kamalaya unearthed in us our true focus, and as we walked back through the gates into the unnoticing world, a light remained with us that will never again lose its radiance. I encourage you all, no matter where you feel you are in your life, at peace or in pieces, this is a journey you must take.

Kamalaya Koh Samui

Located on the beach, south-eastern side of the Island, past the Tiger Zoo and the Butterfly Garden on Laem Set Road. 102/9 Moo 3, Laem Set Rd., Na-Muang, Koh Samui.

For reservation and inquiries contact: 0 7742 9800


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