Health Spa – Santiburi Spa – Samui

Samui is experiencing an incredible development in the quality of it’s Spa Institutions that are emerging, as well as an even more remarkable evolution of those that currently exist.

Khun Pornsawad Keanthong, known to all as Miss. Sally, Spa Manager of the Santiburi Spa, took an afternoon to tour us through the Santiburi Resort & Spa, located on the brilliant beaches of Mae Nam on Koh Samui.

The Santiburi Resort Samui is measured as a slice of heaven amidst 23 acres of 50-year-old palm trees and lush gardens, providing every visitor with an unforgettable experience. Divine accommodations and impeccable food, available from 3 restaurant facilities within the resort, lie on an unblemished collage of lush tropical gardens. An Olympic sized pool radiates from the centre of this paradise, cascading into a collection of waterways that lead guests down to the beaches. A beautiful river flows through the Santiburi grounds, teaming with wildlife, and newly restored by the resort itself, to maintain an abundance of fish within its pools. Various gardens have been recently planted to provide the Chefs with fresh herbs and hydroponics, while the Spa supplies itself from this resource to create in-house therapeutic ointments, and teas. A self-sufficient curve has begun to spin its way into the daily rituals of the caretakers of the Santiburi Resort Samui. A ‘Green’ way of living has begun to take root. The Santiburi Spa is a highlight of this luxury resort, and provides visitors from all walks of life with an assortment of professional world-class treatments to purify your body, relax your mind, and uplift your spirits. This is that piece of heaven we speak of, where you are pampered with magical fragrances of Thai herbs combined with the soft touch of soothing hands that provide a feast for your senses. The spa has accumulated a plethora of body and soul treatments, and Miss Sally walks us through their luxurious rooms to breathe in the spoils that they have gathered to be offered. Body massages, facial treatments, floral and steam baths, spa packages and beach treatments, day combination packages and beauty services have been carefully selected and enhanced to be not only different from other spas, but specifically tuned to fit your body’s replenishment requirements. The Santiburi Spa is a member of the Samui Spa Association (SSA), that has diligently been quantifying and requalifying the spas on Samui to follow a patterned profile of excellence. Mrs. Wanwallee Tantikarn, President of the SSA, states, “As Samui’s reputation as a health destination has grown, the need to define what a spa really is, and what guests should expect from one, has resulted in an island association of spas. For its first task as an organization, it focused on training to successfully complete professionally designed courses in Thai massage and other popular spa treatments. The organization has also promoted and supported spas of Samui on appropriate standards according to the government’s policy. Therefore this foundation organization has been active in ensuring that all member spas are run alike to certain standards of quality, cleanliness, ethics and safety.” The SSA has created a grading system that has now been implemented into the Santiburi Spa, a long-term member of the association. A Silver, Gold and Platinum grading system, gives Spa Managers a collection of data on which grade level their spa is located, through a defined chart of specific spa expectations for the members of the SSA. Miss Sally informs us that they are excited to be nearing the Gold standard of excellence with the training of their staff members, and daily allots hours of organized instruction to be a part of the daily routine of her staff. By no means is this process an easy accomplishment, as the SSA is very specific as to their guidelines, and personally grades the spa through interaction with each and every member. Within the main complex at the Santiburi Spa Samui, you may find an unlimited range of sports and recreational facilities, as well as two very unique spa facilities. A fully equipped hairdresser and beauty salon, has been created to provide services for the traveller who wishes to maintain their natural beauty, or recreate something from their stay on the shores of Samui. Every option from nail care to waxing, hair cutting, highlighting and colouring, through to a hair spa treatment are available in this modern office. Also in this Guest Activity Centre, is the working spiritual office of Martina Sager, a Master of Tibetan Energy Balancing, and REIKI Master and Teacher, who has been operating with the spa since 1998. For an experience that focuses on wellness, healing and self-discovery, through the medical philosophies of ancient Tibetan Healers, realign and channel your energies with the aide of Martina’s treatments. Her wide range of therapies will allow you to gain the strength to face everyday challenges, eliminate negative emotions, and restore your mobility, health and vitality. Santiburi translates into Thai as ‘Peaceful Village’, which could not be a more appropriate name for the essence of this spa and resort. Intimacy is the prevailing ambiance that charms the visitors of this facility, and peacefulness is the emotional healing that guests will enjoy during their stay.

Santiburi Resort Samui
12/12 Moo 1, Mae Nam Beach , Koh Samui
Tel: 0 7742 5031

Miss Sally
Khun Pornsawad Keanthong
Spa Manager