Health Spa – The New Leaf Resort & Spa – Samui

What makes the New Leaf Resort so unique?

For the most part, all resorts on the Islands have the same concept. That is, to provide a relaxed environment in a tropical setting, allowing the guest to unwind and take leave from some of the daily challenges we all face. However, it’s the program we have for detoxification that allows for us to stand out. What people over look sometimes is that the stress our body and mind feels can build up over time, due to the food we eat, or pressures received from work and personal circumstances, which we deal with on a daily basis. Our program helps rebalance the body and mind, instantly reminding us how we were meant to feel.

We all understand about life pressures, but pressures from the food we eat? Oh yes! In today’s world, big business has made a significant impact on how our food is made and distributed. Today’s foods are supported by chemicals to help preservation, and to cut cost on mass producing organic food and distribution, or to compete with other competitors. If we all took the time to read the back of the labels on food items we buy, we would find many different kinds of chemicals or substances, the names of which we can’t even pronounce. Organic food is becoming a faint memory in today’s busy world, as the force of globalization is bringing us all closer together. Tell me about your program? Certainly, over the past 5 years, even before New Leaf Resort was opened, we had one idea in mind, and that was to develop a detox program that was outstanding in every way. We wanted for our guest to feel as they’ve had a life changing experience. When we put our program to the test, that’s exactly what our participants got out of it. Some guests were happy with how much weight they lost, some were pleased on how clear and focused they felt, others were exited about their digestion improving and energy levels soaring. The good news is that you may come for one specific reason, but have many benefits to gain from what we offer as a whole! Did you create this on your own? We would love to take the full credit for this, but we must give credit to all of the doctors and great nutritionists that we have consulted and collaborated with, prior to choosing the doctor and staff that would be passionate enough to perfect the program. I’m happy to say, we’ve finally got a great team of caring professionals, that have been very essential in creating a winning program. Why so few guests per week? This is part of the program. By limiting the amount of guest we have per week we are able to give them all proper attention, and cater to their specific needs. It also allows for them to have plenty of space and privacy, if deemed necessary. Our guests can choose to participate in many planned events such as yoga, pottery class, or Thai boxing, but sometimes they can be fussy, and may want some alone time away from other guests or staff, and we have chosen to give them thistruly care about their health improving experience with us, and want for it to be an unforgettable one. There are other quality resorts that also offer a detox program, why go to you instead? Good question. To begin with, I can tell you the environment is not the same. It can be both awkward and inappropriate to put 2 very different elements together, and the guests not only need, but deserve more exclusivity for what their doing. It’s like trying to combine oil and water together, they just won’t mix. Explain the different elements. By mixing in the detox guests along with the guest that are in town for the pure leisure and enjoyment, it’s creating an improper atmosphere. In following the detox program for instance, a special diet and guidance is given in order to remove toxins and impurities from the body. Special sessions are also part of the program, and it’s not wise to conduct such a thing in the wrong environment. How can we expect our guests to focus properly, while watching others drinking a beer, or eating a hamburger? This would be the equivalent to taking a vegetarian out to dinner at a steak house. I will say it again, it’s just not a proper environment for what you want to accomplish. Let me make it very clear; if you want a beautiful resort to go to with all the amenities, we can certainly recommend many wonderful places to go to. However, if you’re looking for a life changing experience that you can take with you, and apply to your everyday life, you must be in the right environment. At New Leaf Resort, we are proud to say that our confidence, experience, and what we provide, will focus your own true energies into turning over a new leaf, a new you.


New Leaf Resort

Lamai Beach Road Koh Samui

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Location: Just before the bridge on the Lamai Beach Road is the New Leaf Resort. Connected to the new walkway that follows alongside the channel, which leads directly to beaches on the Gulf of Siam.