A full map of Koh Samui

Of the many dream islands that dot Thailand’s Southern region, Koh Samui ranks among the most seductive, with beaches that are some of the most scenic and unspoiled anywhere in the world. Recognized as a budget traveler’s paradise for over 20 years, the island – Thailand’s third largest – is now attracting more and more upmarket travelers.

Definitely, a new breed of visitors are arriving, a reason why a number of first-class resort hotels have sprung up on the island.
But Koh Samui is still a perfect destination for all kinds of tourists.The aura the backpackers lent the island is unlikely to be erased quickly by upmarket tourists.
Besides, the 280 km² island has quite retained its unspoiled charm is even with its growing number of visitors.

Sun and sea are still the foremost lure, but other exciting tourist attractions are now available. Buffalo fights, snake farms, butterfly gardens, traditional Thai massage, herbal saunas and meditation centers are becoming popular. For the sports-oriented, Samui has good dive shops.

Samui is known for its white beaches, deserted little coves, balmy waters, coconut plantations and rice paddies.

Its many fine beaches are perfect for windsurfing any time of the year. Cruises to islands such as Koh Tao and the lovely Ang Thong Group could be an exciting experience. There is even seacanoeing for those out for thrills.
Indeed, the best of both worlds is on Koh Samui. While enjoying the untouched beauty of nature, you are comforted with the thought that just a couple of hours away (of road travel) are the comforts of first-class seaside resorts.
Explore Koh Samui and discover why those who’ve been here keep on
coming back. Sawasdee khrap, enjoy our islands!

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