The Samui Spa Association

The Samui Spa Association was founded as a non-profit organization in 2003 to promote, support, develop and create liaisons between spas of Samui.

In addition, it also supports spas on Samui in running according to the government’s policies on appropriate standards.

For its first task as an organization, it focused on training, in order to successfully complete professionally designed courses in Thai massage, and other popular spa treatments.

The Samui Spa Association therefore actively ensures that all member spa’s are run alike to certain standards of quality, cleanliness, ethics and safety. All members receive information regarding spas, and are able to take part in profitable spa activities.

It is also a good opportunity to exchange information on spas, and other related business in this field.
For further information contact: President Mrs. Wanwalle Tantikarn
Tel: 0 7742 0871-2 Fax: 0 7742 1368 Email: Web: Source